Proper wheel alignment keeps your vehicle driving smoothly, safely and efficiently. If your vehicle pulls to one side when driving, or your tires wear unevenly and/or prematurely, its very likely that your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment. We service alignment on all types of vehicles including front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, 4X4 and full time all wheel drive.

The saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Avoid expensive repairs and premature wear by having an alignment done as part of your periodic maintenance.No matter how large your vehicle is, we have the tools, skills, and over 20 years of experience to get the job done right the first time. You’ll receive a guaranteed work and complete satisfaction on our services, including brake repairs, diagnostics services, engine rebuilds, and more.

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Signs You May Need Alignment Services

Related Services


Brakes are by far the most important safety feature on a car. Ensuring your brakes are working properly and are not worn beyond their use is vital to ensuring your safety on the road. We service all brake types and systems including drum brakes and ABS systems.


Your vehicle’s tires are where the rubber meets the road, literally. Ensuring your tires have enough tread is also important. Whether you need to repair, replace, align or rotate, Automotive Plus has you covered.


Suspension systems are more than just ensuring you have a smooth ride. A faulty suspension can cause you to lose control and increase your stopping distance. Have our techs at Automotive plus check out your suspension system for leaks or other signs of trouble.


One of the most complicated part of a vehicle’s drivetrain, the transmission ensures your engine’s power is delivered properly to your wheels. When you are having trouble with slipping or missed gears, bring your car down to Automotive Plus.

Power Steering

If your vehicle makes noise when you turn the wheel, or you have to fight the wheel to turn it, your vehicle’s power steering system may need to be services or repairs. Bring your car or truck down to Automotive Plus for a proper diagnosis and repair.


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